Simple tips how to decorate your lift top coffee table

Coffee tables are mandatory furniture for the living room, the room that will be seen the first time when someone enters your house.

So that the coffee table also needs to be considered for laying and arrangement. Do not make a coffee table as a place to accumulate goods, but to balance your living room, do not leave it empty.

Candle stick and Mini Tray

High-structure candle sticks add glamor, while the tiny tray adds balance to the surface of the table.

Tiny Bar

If your coffee table is large, you can try putting a tray of your choice of drinks.


If you have a transparent table, rather than stacking a book, try placing it on the bottom shelf of the table in a neat arrangement.

Double Table and Mini Statue

Taking into account the size of the room, two tables mean twice as good. While the statue adds balance in the room.

Terrarium and Succulent Plants

The right choice if you feel bothered with decorating fresh flowers (have to spend time changing), but still want the feel of nature.

Square Tray on the Round Table

This geometric game is effective in improving aesthetic aspects, as well as choices in a minimalist style.

Personal Objects

Not only as a room decoration, favorite or moment jewelry such as calligraphy brushes can add your personal feel to the interior design of the living room, or your home in general.

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