How to save money for movie film tickets?

Lately the realm of Indonesian cinema is busy with the film production of the nation’s booming children. Because the films are packaged in various interesting genres, such as nationalist, action, romantic, comedy, to horror and seize the attention of the crowd to immediately see it in their favorite theaters.

However, the more movies that appear, the more money is spent on movie tickets. To stay thrifty and still be able to enjoy the Indonesian movie show that is present in the cinema, here are tips on how to save money that you can practice.

  1. Watch on Weekdays

For those who often watch movies in the cinema must know that the price of tickets on weekdays and weekends is different. Ticket prices on weekdays are cheaper than at weekends. Therefore, choose the time of day work.

Also, avoid watching theaters on national holidays. On that day, the ticket price is equal to the ticket price on the weekend. For example, you want to watch a movie on Monday, but Monday is a red date, then the ticket price charged is the weekend ticket price.

  1. Different Price

Do you know that every cinema ticket prices can various? Ticket price in one XXI network can be different between XXI in one place with another especially with other cinema networks such as Blitz, and Platinum Cineplex. Cinema ticket price range cost around Rp. 75000-125000

This price difference is of course due to the different facilities provided by each theater. The more expensive the tickets, the more luxurious the facilities provided, from the building, the audience bench, the screen, and so forth. In fact, there is a network of cinemas that provide beds as a place to watch the movie audience. Therefore, choose a cinema that suits your pocket. If the bag is still barely, choose a cinema that offers cheap ticket prices.

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