As an investor in Fidelity Login

As an investor in Fidelity Login
As an investor in Fidelity Login
  1. Perform Technical Analysis

As an investor in Fidelity Login, you need to learn how to perform a simple technical analysis of the stocks you choose. The goal, so that the stock you buy has the best buy and sell price. Observe also the movement of stock prices by looking at the stock price chart. This will affect the buying and selling transaction decisions, if the stock price of the company you are looking for is cheap, and you believe the stock has a good prospect later on, then it becomes timing or the right time to buy it.

  1. Understand Stock External Risk

In addition to internal factors, investment in capital markets is also affected by external risks. The value of your investment in the capital market can rise or fall due to external factors, among others, economic conditions (economic slowdown or economic acceleration) in the country, global economic conditions, the stability of domestic political conditions, the influence of the rupiah against the US dollar, government policy and so forth.

  1. Avoid Just Buying One Type of Stock

Shares are an emerging capital market investment instrument in Stock Exchange Market. Stock investments can bring in huge profits if you understand how to play stocks for investment. But it can also vice versa, you can lose big because playing the stock. Avoid investing only on one particular type of stock, to anticipate a variety of external and internal factors that will cause your stock price to decrease. Infusing all your funds into one share only, risks greater loss than you divide your funds to buy 2 or 3 types of shares. The reason, if one of your shares suffered losses, you still have a chance to reap profits from your other stocks.

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