How to slowly eliminate our addiction to credit cards?

Trying to limit usage by Citibank online credit card. Try to change our mindset that everything cannot be bought with credit cards. That way we will try to better control spending by using credit cards. This method is expected to gradually reduce and ultimately eliminate it. This way will make us more careful to use credit cards.

For the second way is to select one of our most profitable credit cards and try to start using one credit card only. This applies to those of us who have two or more credit cards. Try maximizing one card only. So slowly we will slightly eliminate our addiction to credit cards.

Is it Better to Use Credit Cards or Bring Cash?

It’s a very hard thing to leave our credit cards at home, whereas we already have a habit of using credit cards. But it must try to be resisted and self-discipline so that we can use the maximum credit card we have.

In addition to leaving cards at home, the following ways can also be taken into account so that we can escape from the bondage of credit cards. That is by using a debit card or carrying cash. Although physically and in the same manner of payment, these debit cards have different systems with credit cards.

If the credit card is a loan that will be given by the card issuing bank, while the debit is a card that will only spend money in accordance with the funds we keep in the card issuing bank. So we will be able to buy something if our card funds suffice.

With the difference of the system of credit and debit card then this way will be able to make us a little relieve our sense of dependence in using credit card. And have started going to try to count and count the funds we hold.

The Efficiency of Using Citibank Online

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