Foods that Are Not Suitable for Birds

Know the types of foods that should not be given to birds. There are some foods that are not suitable for some bird species. For example, do not give your bird alcohol, chocolate, or avocado. These foods contain chemical components that are toxic to birds

Millet is a bird snack; never give barley too much to birds. Millet is more suitable given as a snack when training birds.

Bird-shaped pellets, crumbs, or chunks can provide enough nutrition for birds. Because these feeds combine all the nutrients in grains, vegetables, fruits, and grains, birds will not picky food and eat only one type of feed only, so the bird will eat a balanced nutritious diet

Give your winged friends fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables as you consume, minus the dressings. This food adds green vegetables and a variety of bird feeding menu. Mixed variety of foods can also be healthy and fun birds.

Give a new feed every day; always empty the skin of the beans that have been eaten on the same day, to keep the bird feed fresh and clean

If birds requires nectar, you should learn as much as possible about how to feed the bird before buying it because it requires a very special diet.

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