DIY Car Top Carrier Installation

car roof top carrier

Ensure the suitability of Top Carrier with Roof Rail

Before installing car top carrier by yourself, read the caption written on the manual. There are some products which shouldn’t be installed on certain type of vehicle and roof rail. It is important to choose the suitable roof rail size with the top carrier, especially if you choose the same brand or the top carrier which has included the roof rail within. Custom roof rail is often prohibited to be installed with top carrier, because the artificial custom roof rail is not necessarily have load-bearing capacity or wind-bearing capacity during the drive. As a result, it could endanger other road users or even your own cars.

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Choosing the Best Shape of Top Carrier

The standard strength ofcar top carrier is should be able to withstand wind blowing when the car sped up to the speed of 140 – 160 kilometers per hour. One thing to remember is, the installation of top carrier that is not exactly true has reduced the aerodynamic matter of your car. It is because the existence of the tool will hold the exposure to wind when your car drove. The burden that must be transported car also increasingly heavy, consequently fuel consumption is also increasing. Then, before choosing a roof box, make sure that the device has an aerodynamic shape or streamline.

Easy Overhauling

It is important to choose car top carrier with easy overhauling installation. It is because you might not always need to it to be on the top of your car. Moreover when you want to use your car for other special occasion like dating, you won’t make other people stare oddly to your car. In addition, choosing the one with easy overhauling installation can safe your time. You won’t need to overhaul it with difficult and consume more times. In choosing the best product, you can consult with your car mechanics to find the best product to fit with your car.

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