Checkout about the types of free credit card

Checkout about the types of free credit card
Checkout about the types of free credit card

The rapidly growing credit card in the midst of society is characterized by increasingly diverse and increasing number of people who need it. Credit card is a type of card issued by the bank that can be made to make payments without carrying cash and the fee will be charged next month. In other words, when having a credit card and using it for a transaction. The increasing use of credit cards today, no other because of the perceived benefits and benefits of credit cards by the community. Checkout about the types of free credit card that might be suitable for you:

-Hotel Credit Card or Travel Points

Hotel credit cards or travel points often work with co-branded hotels, which offer points every time they make a purchase and also bonus points when staying in hotels that go into the network. Points collected are redeemable for free stay vouchers or room upgrades at the respective hotel chain. In addition to the hotel, there are also offers exchange points with travel vouchers and admission park entrance in cooperation with the hotel chain. This type of credit card is suitable for you who often or regularly travel abroad and stay in hotels that enter into the network.

-Retail Reward Credit Card

Points collected from credit card use can double or triple when the purchase is a product issued by a large retailer who issued the co-branded credit card. Points may also be redeemable only with the products or services of the retailer. Credit cards of this type also tend to have high interest, therefore it is suitable for you who can pay the bill in full each month so as not exposed to interest.

-Credit Card Premium

Premium credit cards often use the term gold credit card gold and platinum is inserted into the type of credit card rewards due to various benefits “premium” level offered. If you are a high-earner and often use credit cards to shop or travel, this credit card is right for you because the credit limit is high enough. Although the annual fee and interest rates are also high, it is comparable to additional facilities such as access to the executive lounge, personal assistant service or 24 hour concierge, and more.

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