Business of selling Kardus

Business of selling Kardus
Business of selling Kardus

The business of selling a cardboard does sound trivial, but if you look at the various uses of cardboard that vary the business of selling Kardus will be a considerable effort to bring results. As you feel in everyday life almost all products sold in stores use a cardboard as a container of the product.

No wonder if many people who succeed because of his business in the field of selling the cardboard. Did you know that not all wrappers of a product will only be used one time only including a cardboard box. Used cardboard is generally only reused as a garbage bin or as a place to put used books only.

When you hear the word cabinet is certainly the raw material that you would imagine in the manufacture of such cabinets as wood or glass. But in fact a cabinet can be made using materials other than wood and glass that is cardboard. Some people will feel strange when hearing the word cardboard cabinet.

Used cardboard that has been sold only with the size of the price of one thousand or two thousand rupiah per kilo gram turned out to be transformed into a beautiful wardrobe that is unique and interesting. You simply collect a variety of used cardboard that is still strong and then prepare other equipment such as scissors, adhesives, wrapping paper or color paper and pencil.

By utilizing raw materials used cardboard and equipment that has been mentioned the former cardboard can be processed into a cabinet. Cardboard cabinets can be used as a place of makeup equipment, stationery and more.

Especially the weather must be tight with the word makeup or beauty equipment. Because the weather was created as a world jewelry that acts as a flower that must be treated and kept in order to remain beautifully perfumed beautiful. If you get bored with the usual makeup equipment you can channel creativity to make makeup tool boxes using a cardboard box.

How to make it is also very easy, just specify the size of the cardboard according to taste and then coat the cardboard with color paper to get a more attractive view. Use glue to keep the paper firmly attached to the cardboard. The makeup toolbox will look more funny and unique.

Photos are a moment that is stored in a print in paper or media. When you want to put a photo on the wall or put it on the table of course you need a media that can enhance your photo display. In this case selling cardboard you can use as a base and frame of display displays.

To be more interesting you can wrap the box with color paper or paint it. Even for high artistic creativity, the handicraft can be used as a selling business of handicrafts worth of rupia