12 Ways to Build Android Game Project

12 Ways to Build Android Game Project

1. Make down and install Construct 2. This program lets you create HTML5 games with little coding only. You need to install some variables, but this is all done through the menu without coding required.

Construct 2 is free, although some features are limited except upgrading. The free version cannot publish to any platform other than HTML5.

2. Create a new project. When you first start Construct 2, you will be greeted with a Welcome menu. Click the “New Project” link to start a new game. There are also some examples that you can use to see how basic game-making is.

When starting a new project, you will be given a list of templates. For your first project, you should start with an empty project. This will allow you to get used to the basics without templates blocking.

3. Adjust your project settings. To the left of the project window, you will see a series of objects in the Properties frame. You can use this to set the size of your screen and enter your game and company information.

4. Enter the background. Click the layout twice. Select “Tiled Background” from the General section. Click your layout to put the background. This will open the background editor. You will need to create your own using image editing software, or load down textures from multiple online locations.

Set the background to be the size of the layout. Do this by selecting a background object and resizing it in the Properties frame.

Rename layer and key. You should lock the layer to avoid accidentally moving it while placing another object. Click the “Layers” tab on the right side of the screen. Select a layer, and click the Pencil button. Name the layer “Background”, then click “Padlock” button to lock the background.

5. Create a new layer. In the layers tab, click the “+” button to create a new layer. Name it as “Primary”. This will be the layer where most of your game objects will stay. Make sure that the Main layer is selected before continuing.

6.Add input for your game. In Construct 2, your input needs to be added as an object into your game. It is invisible, and will enable the use of the keyboard and mouse in the project.

7.Add an object. Now it’s time to add some game objects into your layout. Click the layout twice and choose “Sprite” from the general section. Use a snapshot to select where you want to put Sprite. The image editor opens, letting you load an existing sprite or create a new one.

8. Add behavior on your object. To add behavior, click the object you want to add the behavior to select it. Click the “Add / edit” link in the Behaviors section of the Properties frame. A list of available behavior will appear.
9. Change the behavior property. You can edit the behavior to customize the way your object works. You can change the value to change the speed, direction, and other properties.

10. Understand, and how the work of events. Genesis is a list of conditions, and is what runs the game. If conditions are achieved, events occur. If conditions are not met, events do not occur. The event page usually runs about 60 times per second. Each time you run it is called “tick”

11. Create events. Click the Event page (event) twice. A list of available objects will appear. Select the object you want to create the event, or you can create a System event.

12. In addition to events and behavior. This is the backbone of your game. Adding and improving behavior and events will help you create unique and fun games that people want to play. Experiment with different occasions to try to get the right game = really you want.

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