12 Ways to Build Android Game Project

1. Make down and install Construct 2. This program lets you create HTML5 games with little coding only. You need to install some variables, but this is all done through the menu without coding required.

Construct 2 is free, although some features are limited except upgrading. The free version cannot publish to any platform other than HTML5.

2. Create a new project. When you first start Construct 2, you will be greeted with a Welcome menu. Click the “New Project” link to start a new game. There are also some examples that you can use to see how basic game-making is.

When starting a new project, you will be given a list of templates. For your first project, you should start with an empty project. This will allow you to get used to the basics without templates blocking.

3. Adjust your project settings. To the left of the project window, you will see a series of objects in the Properties frame. You can use this to set the size of your screen and enter your game and company information.

4. Enter the background. Click the layout twice. Select “Tiled Background” from the General section. Click your layout to put the background. This will open the background editor. You will need to create your own using image editing software, or load down textures from multiple online locations.

Set the background to be the size of the layout. Do this by selecting a background object and resizing it in the Properties frame.

Rename layer and key. You should lock the layer to avoid accidentally moving it while placing another object. Click the “Layers” tab on the right side of the screen. Select a layer, and click the Pencil button. Name the layer “Background”, then click “Padlock” button to lock the background.

5. Create a new layer. In the layers tab, click the “+” button to create a new layer. Name it as “Primary”. This will be the layer where most of your game objects will stay. Make sure that the Main layer is selected before continuing.

6.Add input for your game. In Construct 2, your input needs to be added as an object into your game. It is invisible, and will enable the use of the keyboard and mouse in the project.

7.Add an object. Now it’s time to add some game objects into your layout. Click the layout twice and choose “Sprite” from the general section. Use a snapshot to select where you want to put Sprite. The image editor opens, letting you load an existing sprite or create a new one.

8. Add behavior on your object. To add behavior, click the object you want to add the behavior to select it. Click the “Add / edit” link in the Behaviors section of the Properties frame. A list of available behavior will appear.
9. Change the behavior property. You can edit the behavior to customize the way your object works. You can change the value to change the speed, direction, and other properties.

10. Understand, and how the work of events. Genesis is a list of conditions, and is what runs the game. If conditions are achieved, events occur. If conditions are not met, events do not occur. The event page usually runs about 60 times per second. Each time you run it is called “tick”

11. Create events. Click the Event page (event) twice. A list of available objects will appear. Select the object you want to create the event, or you can create a System event.

12. In addition to events and behavior. This is the backbone of your game. Adding and improving behavior and events will help you create unique and fun games that people want to play. Experiment with different occasions to try to get the right game = really you want.

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Watching the movie at lk21
Watching the movie at lk21

Watching the movie at lk21 is one way of filling the day with great entertainment. About the activity of watching movies can indeed anywhere and anytime. With the presence of several streaming movie service sites all can certainly feel the convenience. However, sometimes some people complain, especially for those who choose to watch streaming movies that have a picture less good or low resolution. Surely this is often faced for people who like to stream on a website. The presentation of images with less good quality will certainly reduce the sensation of watching, let alone many scenes of action.

As well as when we watch television but have a picture that is less good. Watching the movie lk21 will be less enjoyable if the resulting image is less qualified. It is a habit that today many people are fond of watching movies on the internet because in addition to more flexible, usually many present films of good quality. Availability of images with HD quality is a dream for some people who like to watch. Things like this would certainly be an advantage. However, unfortunately not every site that provides streaming facility provides HD picture quality. So you also have to be smart to choose. Where already many sites that provide the best service for movie enthusiasts.

It will be more interesting when we watch streaming, especially movies with crystal clear quality or HD. Usually you also need to read about the description of the film presented. Usually by finding a quality movie Blu-ray is very fulfilling because the quality provides a clear picture assurance and good sound. Where then you should also read the description first. There are usually several categories of image quality provided. Especially for the layman who does not know what the clear picture is like. Watching high quality movies can certainly add to our enjoyment in watching movie layarkaca21. What are needed to be prepared?? Of course internet connections that support streaming faster and smoother




British Manufacturer Mini 2018 car release dates
British Manufacturer Mini 2018 car release dates

An exciting announcement was given by the British manufacturer Mini with its 2018 car release dates still being secret. Mini parties revealed that their products, including three-door mini and five-door mini aka countryman, and also Mini Convertible will get technically updated. And the update is on the transmission side used in those products

Yap, Mini confirm that there is a new dual clutch transmission with 7 acceleration that will be paired in their products. DCT transmission is developed to add to the fun of driving that has become the hallmark of Mini products. Parties Mini said that this transmission will offer “impressive shift dynamics for enhanced driving fun”. This DCT transmission alone constructs two partial transmissions into the same housing.

Technically, the Mini explained that in this dual clutch transmission it has the most important part, namely two wet clutch with oil cooling mechanism. Each of these wet clutches has different tasks. One of the clutches will be assigned to the odd tooth (Gears 1, 3, 5, 7) and reverse teeth, and another clutch for even tooth (Gear 2, 4, 6). Thus, in performance, if one clutch is at work, another clutch is ready to wait its turn, and responds only in a short time.

With these designs and mechanisms, the gearboxes in these Mini cars will always be ready for dipper and promising a faster, yet smoother, car performance. In addition to driving fun issues, and upgrading performance issues, the design of this transmission also allows Mini cars to have fuel efficiency. In addition, this Gearbox also has access to GPS to get the required data.

And to accommodate this new transmission, the Mini also provides a new shifter also for Mini cars. This shifter has a tiny shape, and with an electronic model. This shifter will return to its original position after the user selects the gear to be used, either Drive, Neutral or reverse. As for P teeth aka parking, there is a button provided on the upper side of the shifter. In addition, the Mini also provides a button for driving mode aka sports mode in this shifter.


Choosing running shoes is not a matter of carelessness
Choosing running shoes is not a matter of carelessness

Choosing running shoes is not a matter of carelessness. Not just choose colors and brands that suit the heart’s desire. Especially for those who actively run at least once a week. The threat of injury was overshadowing if it was wrong to identify shoes that fit the foot-to-ground pattern (foot strike). Foot strike itself can differ from one runner to another. There are more often set foot heel (heel) first, and some who use the entire cross-legs as a support.

This style difference is what a runner should anticipate not to receive injury. To that end, the expert believes that the right kind of shoe is indispensable in running.

However, a study published in the Journal of Athletics Training indicates that runners, especially those who wear minimalist shoes or flexible shoes and have minimalist support features, may not be able to identify their own foot strike patterns.

The same research shows that a runner who is wearing minimalist shoes is often wrong to do the technique of landing feet to the ground.

More than 90 percent of the runners in the study who were wearing traditional running shoes could correctly identify their footrest patterns. While wearing minimalist shoes, only 58 percent are able to do so.

This is important because a variety of running support techniques and devices will only be useful if one can correctly identify a foothold.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, a runner must anticipate the risk of injury.

Expert from https://www.runnerschoice.net/ estimates that 20 percent of people come to his office due to injuries caused by their shoes. “Either out of worn or (shoes) they do not fit the foot shape.

The doctor recommends athletes to keep track of the running distance and change their training shoes every km to 800 km.

This means that an active runner must replace his shoes in a minimum period of six months after purchase. “The exact date, or how much you run is much better than estimating the condition of the shoes by looking at it,” an expert from https://www.runnerschoice.net/ said.

An expert from https://www.runnerschoice.net/ told his patients to buy running shoes from the shop with an experienced salesman, who can help determine the style of the shoes with one’s feet. He also suggested buying running shoes with the size of one and a half larger than everyday shoes.

For socks, be sure to wear socks of the same thickness. In addition, cotton socks can cause blisters.

The expert also suggested that runners not directly wear new shoes to run, in order to avoid blisters against the feet. “You have to wear it for several days.”Let them loose slowly, and then start running a few miles (short distance),” he said.


Those Clash Royale game players should be happy, since now you can play the game easily. You can obtain the gold and gems with these Clash Royale hack strategy. First is by join play with other players, which will increase your chance to win the battle more and have more gold and gems added to your chest.

Try to ask other online player to join the play with you or join them in their community, and that will ease you to fulfil you wish. So what you wait for, just try to begin this strategy, and after the battle end, you will see that you have obtained additional gold and gems on your account.

Then, another Clash Royale hack strategy is by donating the help to other players. The concept might be similar to the previous ways. The game operator are prefer to see the more players collaborate with each other, which means that the game has gained popularities among many game players all over the world. Therefore, it will be very benefited to interact with other players in the game.

Then, the simplest strategy to obtain gold and gems is by Clash Royale hack. Simply search the website which provided the service for giving the free gold and gems, and you will find any. Then afterward, simply insert your username you used for playing the game on the website. And then you can make request on the amount of the gold and gems you wanted, but mind that the maximum amount of gold given only 999, while for the gems is unlimited. In case you see that there are no any differences on your chest, the possibility is that the server is very busy to fulfill the request of the players from all over the world, then come to try it again and do the same way as before.


Before beginning to discuss the ‘battle’ between Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, just for information that you may not know, Clash Royale is now being released globally for Android and iOS. Both are made by the same developer: Supercell. Yes, Supercell introduced Clash Royale as a ‘advanced’ game from Clash of Clans. Appearing as a real time multiplayer game, Clash Royale brings a number of derived characters from Clash of Clans. What distinguishes both is the gameplay. Well, what if the two games are pitted head-to-head?

  1. Similar but not the same

Under the same developers both games compete in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. As of this writing, Clash Royale topped the list as the largest daily income app in Indonesia. In terms of gameplay, these two games appear inversely proportional. Clash of Clans came up with a strategy game genre that required every player to build a village, train troops, and then send them to destroy the village. Then what about Clash Royale? Combining collectible card games (CCG), tower defense, and strategy, players are required to form a collection of cards that will be used to destroy the opponent’s tower and castle, while defending against the opponent’s attack.

  1. As betel nut halved

When both gameplay appear inversely proportional, the characters are the same. You who play Clash of Clans must be familiar with characters such as Giant, Goblin, Archer, Musketeer, Skelaton, Dragon, et al. As in Clash of Clans, every character or card in the game has different stats, ranging from hitpoints, damage, targets, range, damage per second, hit speed, speed, and deploy time. With different statistics, you should set a strategy to inflict massive damage in the shortest possible time. The difference is, when in Clash of Clans, you have to raise the level of town hall to gain access to each character, while in Clash Royale Hack you can access, earn, and increase the level of cards that can be obtained from the chest.



Clash Royale is a strategy game that is quite popular and trendy and playable by android smartphone users. Game characterized player similar to Clash of Clans (COC) presents battle gameplay with more different treats, cool and exciting. This game is also still played in the online version. So, you can still pit combat strategies with your playing rivals directly. With the feature icons available, you can show happy, sad, happy, angry and other fun while playing Clash Royale. It has a Clash Royale Hack.

You are diligent to play clash royale game would have understood correctly with the entire typical deck card and a powerful strategy for each card. Deck cards are very important and if you want to manually upgrade it will require Gold (gold) is not small. While the gold earned from defeating rivals in the field of battle and the rewards of Chest (casket) requires you to be patient to collect gold for the needs of upgrading items. You can also get 1000 Gold for redemption of 60 Gems owned. By continuing to do Battle, open Chest and swap Gems gradually you will be able to collect as many Gold as desired. But of course the consequences take time not for a moment. Therefore, you who want to get Gold and Gems quickly and instantly can outsmart by Clash Royale Hack.

In order for Gold and Gems to be filled with lots without Battle, open Chest and swap Gems with Gold or buy Gems with top up money so upgrade can be done anytime, you just need to use tool or application cheat clash Royale for the need of adding amount of Gold and Gems named Clash Royal Generator. Here’s how to get Clash Royale Gold and Gems quickly and easily using the tool / app. How to hack the Royal Clash without verification of survey tasks or without downloading the suggested applications likely Clash Royale Hack will not work and Gold or Gems will not be obtained as desired. For that stage of verification task survey or download a particular application it must pass so that cheats it works.


Best diet pills 2018 for all age women
Best diet pills 2018 for all age women

Strict diet is often the choice of many people to get the ideal body shape. But in some people, these eating restrictions actually cause side effects such as decreased body metabolism to reduce energy to work. In addition to dieting, you can actually apply downsizing strategies easily but should be part of your lifestyle. Here are five easy steps to lose weight without having to be tormented by a diet program.

  1. Breakfast. Research proves that breakfast routine will maintain weight. But the selected menu should be low in fat, containing complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.
  2. Eat low calorie foods. Fill your plate with low-calorie foods like fruits, vegetables, or complex carbohydrates. This food makes the stomach longer satiety so you will not “crazy” when looking at other foods.
  3. Start with the Soup. At lunch or dinner, choose a vegetable based soup menu or contain vegetables. Soup will overcome your excessive hunger so you will not be tempted to enjoy high calorie foods.
  4. Come late. Coming late for a banquet or banquet will make your portions less.
  5. Divide the lunch menu. At lunch time, try to split the menu into half-eaten at lunchtime, the other half you enjoy in the late afternoon.

If after all the whole steps above you have try but get no  result, it is the time to try taking Best diet pills 2018 that works best for many ladies who want to looks beautiful and slim but healthy inside outside with easy way. Best Weight Loss Pills 2018 give consumer the best way of diet and good body shape without any hassle and burden like other slimming method. Best Weight Loss Pills 2018 has been known since long time ago as one of the best solution for working mother, stay at home mother, career women, women entrepreneurs, part time student, working girls, studying students and also middle age women.


Free movie download is great
Free movie download is great

Free movie download is great for watching movies or videos for free. Look here for films that may be broken into pieces.

Streaming movie is known for having an excellent quality archive containing many popular TV shows and movies. If you prefer, you can choose to pay a low monthly fee to receive access to their complete library of movies

Check out movies in public libraries in your city. It is true, the library in your city actually also save a lot of movies. Many libraries offer movies to borrow either in educational or entertainment genres. If you are not sure if the library in your city has it, call and ask the nearest librarian if they have it

Look on your television. Many free TV channels offer popular movies, both at scheduled times and on a 24-hour broadcast basis. Look on your local TV list to find out what movies are playing on channels you can access for free.

See what’s playing in your neighborhood. Many cities offer free movie shows in local cinemas for weekend parties and on summer evenings. Contact the city service center or park office and recreation area in your city to find out if there is a movie show near you.



Toddlers 18 month sleep regression alert
Toddlers 18 month sleep regression alert

Every person’s sleeping needs are not the same. Age factor greatly determines the needs of each person’s sleep.

There is no perfect sleep duration that everyone has to get. The National Sleep Foundation has updated the guidelines on how many hours’ people sleep needs to be in accordance with their age.

For newborns need to sleep 14-17 hours each day to support mental and physical development.

For babies, the range of sleep should be 12-15 hours every day. Beginning in the fourth month, changes in baby’s sleep patterns begin to appear. The baby will stay awake for a longer duration. This period is often referred to as four months of regression.

For toddlers, the range of sleep should be 11-14 hours daily. When your child enters the toddler age, his or her sleep needs will gradually begin to diminish. At this point, he must sleep longer at night than during the day. Sometimes toddlers will have what called 18 month sleep regression

For preschooler or an enlarged kindergarten takes 10-13 hours of sleep each night, time will gradually diminish as she gets older.

For children, the range of sleep should be 9-11 hours each day. Homework and electronic devices keep kids busy at this age, so it’s important to set sleep schedules and enforce regular bedtime routines.

For teens, the range of sleep should be 8-10 hours every day. Adolescents tend to have irregular sleep patterns throughout the week. They usually stay awake late at night; and this may affect the biological clock and sleep quality.

For adults, the range of sleep should be 7-9 hours daily. Healthy aging is associated with a reduction in sleep duration that helps in maintaining daytime alertness.


Business of selling Kardus
Business of selling Kardus

The business of selling a cardboard does sound trivial, but if you look at the various uses of cardboard that vary the business of selling Kardus will be a considerable effort to bring results. As you feel in everyday life almost all products sold in stores use a cardboard as a container of the product.

No wonder if many people who succeed because of his business in the field of selling the cardboard. Did you know that not all wrappers of a product will only be used one time only including a cardboard box. Used cardboard is generally only reused as a garbage bin or as a place to put used books only.

When you hear the word cabinet is certainly the raw material that you would imagine in the manufacture of such cabinets as wood or glass. But in fact a cabinet can be made using materials other than wood and glass that is cardboard. Some people will feel strange when hearing the word cardboard cabinet.

Used cardboard that has been sold only with the size of the price of one thousand or two thousand rupiah per kilo gram turned out to be transformed into a beautiful wardrobe that is unique and interesting. You simply collect a variety of used cardboard that is still strong and then prepare other equipment such as scissors, adhesives, wrapping paper or color paper and pencil.

By utilizing raw materials used cardboard and equipment that has been mentioned the former cardboard can be processed into a cabinet. Cardboard cabinets can be used as a place of makeup equipment, stationery and more.

Especially the weather must be tight with the word makeup or beauty equipment. Because the weather was created as a world jewelry that acts as a flower that must be treated and kept in order to remain beautifully perfumed beautiful. If you get bored with the usual makeup equipment you can channel creativity to make makeup tool boxes using a cardboard box.

How to make it is also very easy, just specify the size of the cardboard according to taste and then coat the cardboard with color paper to get a more attractive view. Use glue to keep the paper firmly attached to the cardboard. The makeup toolbox will look more funny and unique.

Photos are a moment that is stored in a print in paper or media. When you want to put a photo on the wall or put it on the table of course you need a media that can enhance your photo display. In this case selling cardboard you can use as a base and frame of display displays.

To be more interesting you can wrap the box with color paper or paint it. Even for high artistic creativity, the handicraft can be used as a selling business of handicrafts worth of rupia


Winter Sports Equipment Best snowshoes
Winter Sports Equipment Best snowshoes

It’s just another winter and again learning the skiing sport, which is talked about all this. This time I want to discuss a bit about winter sports equipment. I am not an expert anyway. Just know a little bit.

Different with the ice skating that has been familiar since college, when trying several times in local snow places first, the new mother knows try to slide on our skiing board to Bodenthal, in Austria. We had one session course. Then I want to learn more.

Last year we were stagnant to learn. There was barely any heavy, long-lasting snow in the Eifel Mountains. Thank God this year learning opportunities come again. Mother wants to discuss and write down our experiences. Who knows anyone is interested to learn as well. Increasingly more and more Indonesian citizens take a trip abroad. Who knows they are also interested in winter trips. Can be to Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Himalayas, or maybe even come to Europe to learn to ski. Oh yes, backpackers with enough budget can also try out skiing in India in the area of ​​Kashmir or Gulmarg.

Ski equipment, can be started from outfit or clothes first. If you want to ski, the clothes should be appropriate because we will be in the middle of a giant refrigerator for a long time. Normally the temperature can reach up to minus 8 degrees Celsius. Or maybe it’s cooler. The minus eight is the minimal temperature of families of travelers skiing. Less than that has never been. To keep it cool, the clothes should fit and prepare for best snowshoes.


Tips for Granny pods floor plans
Tips for Granny pods floor plans

According to our observations the use of wood-based tiles as floor decoration of the room is now a trend in various places and rooms. The advantage of using wood as a tile is the comfort and natural effect that is obtained more than we use other conventional tiles eg ceramics although ceramic tiles often display the impression of sturdy and elegant, but such assumptions are not appropriate because the wood is also a strong element and more adaptable with the weather there.

Flooring using wood can add natural effects are also able to provide comfort in the room, this is because the material is made of nature, of course, this can be obtained if we use products made from wood choice and not carelessly using existing wood materials. Examples of wood materials that is most appropriate for floor flooring and space granny pods floor plans.

The beauty of the wood floor will certainly make the room so have more value and it is certainly good for those of you who want a deeper aesthetic in the room you have. Below we will show some examples of images from the vendor of timber service providers for indoor and outdoor use wood as the floor.

Now think about the furniture that is suitable for your bedroom. Furniture should represent the quality of comfort for the bedroom. Choose high quality beds and mattresses that make you sleep well at night. This can be created by placing the bed and mattress properly. If you want to have an antique design in the bedroom without making your bedroom narrow, you can choose a bed with the appropriate size. In addition you can dye some furniture with brown, red, brown or black color. Other things you can have in your bedroom are blankets, carpets and sofas. The design of furniture placement is also important to consider when you want to decorate the house with modern bedroom interior design.


car roof top carrier

Ensure the suitability of Top Carrier with Roof Rail

Before installing car top carrier by yourself, read the caption written on the manual. There are some products which shouldn’t be installed on certain type of vehicle and roof rail. It is important to choose the suitable roof rail size with the top carrier, especially if you choose the same brand or the top carrier which has included the roof rail within. Custom roof rail is often prohibited to be installed with top carrier, because the artificial custom roof rail is not necessarily have load-bearing capacity or wind-bearing capacity during the drive. As a result, it could endanger other road users or even your own cars.

More Article on Car Rooftop: http://www.cargocarrierbox.com/best-rooftop-cargo-carrier-luggage-rack-reviews/

Choosing the Best Shape of Top Carrier

The standard strength ofcar top carrier is should be able to withstand wind blowing when the car sped up to the speed of 140 – 160 kilometers per hour. One thing to remember is, the installation of top carrier that is not exactly true has reduced the aerodynamic matter of your car. It is because the existence of the tool will hold the exposure to wind when your car drove. The burden that must be transported car also increasingly heavy, consequently fuel consumption is also increasing. Then, before choosing a roof box, make sure that the device has an aerodynamic shape or streamline.

Easy Overhauling

It is important to choose car top carrier with easy overhauling installation. It is because you might not always need to it to be on the top of your car. Moreover when you want to use your car for other special occasion like dating, you won’t make other people stare oddly to your car. In addition, choosing the one with easy overhauling installation can safe your time. You won’t need to overhaul it with difficult and consume more times. In choosing the best product, you can consult with your car mechanics to find the best product to fit with your car.


The fleur de lis home decor
The fleur de lis home decor

Bored with the spatial homes that only that one design? It’s time to redecorate the house. No need to worry, changing the home decor does not mean we have to buy a new set of furniture. Or repaint the wall. By reducing or adding one element in the room, we can already bring a new atmosphere in the room. You may try fleur de lis home décor.

Tips to change the home decoration are perfect for you who are busy throughout the week, and only have a day on weekends to clean or rearrange the house. So be cool, we will not complicate you.

  1. Replace the curtains. Try changing your plain curtains with a patterned curtain. Choose large or small motifs to suit your taste. What if you do not like the crowded motifs, like the curtains in this picture? Basically, changing home decor is like a child playing home-home. We must be confident to try many new things to create a new atmosphere at home.
  2. Install or remove the carpet .Be it big or small carpets, both can bring in another atmosphere in the room. Customize the color of the carpet with the color of the sofa or wall color. Or do the opposite, such as remove the carpet that for years already laid in the living room or family room. Does your room look different now?